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Harmony 720 will not charge

I love my harmony 720 but one issue that drives me crazy is charging. The craddle is perfectly even and when I put the remote into the craddle it will not charge. It is almost empty now and I don't know what to do. In the past i put it in and out and in and out and eventually it would charge but now i won't at all anymore. has anybody experienced this ?
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Re: Harmony 720 will not charge

I'm guessing #11 here would also apply to the 720.

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Re: Harmony 720 will not charge

probably...I haven't heard of it for the 720, but it's possible

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Re: Harmony 720 will not charge

It's very rare for that problem to affect a 720, but it happens. Call tech support.
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Re: Harmony 720 will not charge

My 720 has the same problem... The cradle's right terminal seems to retract and gets stuck, so I need to jar it free. Annoying, but it works most times.
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Re: Harmony 720 will not charge

I had tried everything suggested and nothing worked.  I ended up solving my problem with my original battery (afetr I ordered a new battery of course which I had not received yet in the mail when I solved my problem).  The battery voltage was 3.7V.  I found a link on the Logitech support site that said an old software problem would not charge the battery if the battery voltage dropped below 3.8V.  I had the most recent software already installed so I discounted it as the problem.  On a whim, I manually charged the battery with a seperate power supply to 3.8V and placed the battery back in the remote.  Now the battery charges and everything is fine.


Hope this helps someone else.