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Harmony 900 Blaster not responding

I purchased a Harmony 900 remote about two months ago and everything was working fine until a couple of days ago.  I get the error message that the blaster is not responding.  I have made sure that the remote is within the line of sight of the blaster.  I have updated the remote online.  I have removed the battery in the remote, as well as unplugged the blaster to allow for re-pairing.  I have reset the blaster receiver using the little orange button along the backside, as well as unplugged and replugged the individual blasters.  There have been no changes in my environment ie: new wifi or cordless devices.  I have done the digital cam trick of looking for the flashing lights on the remote and individual blasters (I see the flashing lights on the remote but not from the individual blasters.  That is where I am at now.  I have contacted customer support with incident number 111022-002155 but have not heard anything back yet.  This method of customer service is suboptimal to say the least and disappointing for a device that costs $300.

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Re: Harmony 900 Blaster not responding

your still under warrenty so that's good.  you have an incident number, so maybey pm'ing one of the Logitech guys here in the forum and see if they can look into it for you.  they are easy to spot as they have the logitech logo near their username.

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