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Harmony 900 problems

Hi everyone. I just bought a used Harmony 900 from a friend I am still trying to get it working. First, it came with the the remote, charger, IR blaster plus two remote IR and power cable. I was told later that it usually comes with an RF controller but I don't know if that's true. 


Here is my problem. I got it programmed to control my Samsung TV, Denon AV receiver, Toshiba DVD player and Comcast DVR model DCH3416. Everything is programmed to the remote and I got it to control each device correctly except for the comcast DVR. Gradually through experiment I found that the remote will control the comcast DVR if I put the remote right against the IR receiver unit. Anything more than a one inch from it, the remote doesn't work with the DVR. All the other boxes will work several feet away but the DVR is being stubborn. Any idea what could be the cause of this?


Thanks in advance. 



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Re: Harmony 900 problems

To answer your quetion about what comes with the 900, it includes the remote, a RF Blaster, and 2 Mini Blasters.  Are your Devices set to be controlled by the Remote (direct line of sight) or by the Blaster or Mini Blasters usually for equipment that may be in a cabinet or another room.?

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Re: Harmony 900 problems

At a guess you haven't yet set it to control any of the devices by anything other than direct IR.

The assignments to control individual devices either by direct IR, by the main extender, by a specific emitter, or by more than one of those, are made on the remote itself.