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Re: Harmony One Crashing

Mine did the same thing until it was on the safe mode screen and I held the power button the second time for a little while.  It then stayed on the safe mode screen.  It allowed the connection and made it past the 7% part, but it still locked up at the re-booting part (approx 78% or 87% or something like that).  I already put it back in the box to return it tomorrow.  I believe there is something messed up in the hardware not allowing a full install.  Does your's have the 16 in one of the hex addresses on the safe mode screen?  I wonder if that is normal or indicating a problem.  Maybe someone with a functioning remote can help with that.



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Re: Harmony One Crashing

Has anyone managed to resolve this problem? I've just bought a shiny new One, only to get it home to these same problems. I don't honestly expect this for a remote control that costs well over £100... I suppose if I have to take it back to the store tomorrow I will, but I think it was their last unit, so I'll be searching for another one, and even then, if it is loaded with the same dodgy firmware, there is no guarantee.


If anyone has managed to get their One working after having this problem, please, let me know... Otherwise I might be forced to give it up as a bad job.





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Re: Harmony One Crashing

Same issue with the blue/green screen.  Updating I get to 90% before fail and the remote will turn itself off during use.  Smiley Sad

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Re: Harmony One Crashing

  I have experienced the same problem with my Harmony 900.İt says "MISSING GUID please call customer service".İt works if I remove and replace the battery.İs it an hardware defect?

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Re: Harmony One Crashing

Same problem here.


Missing GUID.


the remote will work for few minutes then will crash and screen go black, but remote still can control the TV, strange.

I have to remove the battery and put it back.


I think Logitech should shut down the business with all these fault in their remotes.


I even go the message "we can't repair your unit" what kind of company that manufacture a product but can't repair it. it is weird and funny.


I lost almost 300$ for a defective remote.

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Re: Harmony One Crashing

If you paid $300 for a Harmony One, you were robbed.  Best Buy sells them for $200, and about every 3 weeks they are on sale for $150.  An I am sure that if you searched on the Web, you can get it even cheaper.

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Re: Harmony One Crashing

If you paid  $3.00 for this or any other Logitech remote, you paid too much.


The Harmony remote has caused nothing but discord.   It was supposed to help make life easier, instead it's consumed all my time, forcing me to scan forums for troubleshooting suggestions and to perform constant battery removal and reboot rituals.  It  crashes with unflagging resolve, stays crashed and useless for days at a time, and even causes my TV to reboot.

The remote finally died with the dreaded "Missing Guid" error message.

Good ridance.


What a huge waste of my time and money.



The firmware for this remote is pathetically unstable.

Whoever allowed the firmware to be released for this thing under it's current condition should be canned immediately without explanation and without severance and should be forced to work at their intended station in life:  A McDonalds fry cook.  They should never be allowed to break 9 dollars an hour, ever.

Logitech needs to either create a QA department, or if they already have one, which I seriously doubt, they need to fire everyone involved, and get some talent in there.



Until then, I'll go to Wal-mart and purchase a crappy stripped down $9.00 idiot universal remote and be done with it.