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Harmony One - Pioneer VSX-1020K and ZONE 2

I am trying to setup ZONE 2 on my Harmony (the device setup has been done...) the problem is the Pioneer remote and how to trigger ZONE 2.  It isn't that simple to program ZONE 2 for the Harmony One - those of you who are   familiar with the Pioneer VSX-1020 remote; you need to press the RECEIVER  (I) button (on the remote) twice to engage ZONE 2.    I had ZONE 2 setup on my 720 - but had the problem once I powered off the MAIN device; the patio device would then power on.   Anyway, if anyone has suggestions -  getting  ZONE 2 setup correctly - would appreciate your input. 

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Re: Harmony One - Pioneer VSX-1020K and ZONE 2

add your AVR a second time to your account for the model number add it as VXD-1020K (Zone 2)