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Harmony One stuck.

I did a firmware update today (May 9,1020) and now my Harmony One will not update. I was able to make an adjustment (I added a new Activity) with no errors and then decided to update the firmware as I was in the Harmony GUI. After that, I could NOT update my remote.  It now gets stuck on the dreaded 3%. IF it does finish, I get the "WARNING, this update may not be designed for this remote." error message.


I worked for a company doing Harmony tech support a few years back so I have a very good idea of what to do, but let's recap.


The Harmony remote is a brand new one, shipped to me from Logitech because my 510 went down. This Remote is NOT over 30 days old.


I have the latest Harmony software (from the Logitech website) installed.

I have disabled my Anti-Vir and Firewall.

I have put the Harmony in safemode. Safemode: A. D8CD 34, B. DB1C 34, C. 0000, D. CB09 16, E. D9E9

I have tried different USB cables (I started with the one that Logi sent, I have tried two others also.).

I have done the above on different computers using XP and Vista for OS's. All my computers are patched with the most recent service packs.

I have tried to update using the update.EZhex from the 'manual' update site. This does NOT help.

I have disconnected from the router and then done the above with NO router interference on each of my computers.


The Harmony is NOT seen in the HID or under USB in the Device Manager yet it shows connectivity in the Harmony software when I test to see if it is connected.


I am seeing that my problem is a 'known issue', something that Logitech/Harmony does not like to hear.


If anyone has any ideas that I may have overlooked, please let me know. Can I roll back my firmware update, as I think this is where the issue first came in.


One other thing that may be noted, occasionally the remote's screen will give a very odd color display when trying to update the firmware.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Harmony One stuck.

I bought Harmony 900 last weekend and on the 3rd attempt for synch, I had the same issue. I was so mad I wanted to throw this $400 piece in garbage (or return it!!). I went thru all of these turning virus scanner/ anti spam/ firewall off business, while my computer is connected to internet and all my websites open. I was freaking out.


The rmoete had USB icon on the screenand it wasn't moving or disappearing.


I went to "device manager" removed "human interface device" which is the logitech remote. the hit "scan for hardware changes", still no change in connection to remote - and same error message came.


Finally, I removed the battery and put it back in after a minute. Guess what? the remote was back on and it has all the updates I was trying to synch for before the error message.


I don't know what happened, but it worked.

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Re: Harmony One stuck.

Thanks for the reply and possible fix. I left the battery out for longer than 30 mins and rescanned the HID for new hardware like you suggested, that was a no go. I remember that there was a fix for this, but right now it escapes me - it was a rather convoluted process IIRC - so I called the help desk and got through T1 and then to T2. The T2  tech there told me that I have a bad remote and referred me to sales. I talked to sales and they are sending me a new Harmony One. No big deal, BUT the person in sales told me that it was a good thing that I called when I did because my remote was less than 30 days old. I was told by sales that my Harmony One has a 1-year replacement on it when I got the first one. If the Harmony's now only have a 30 day warranty, then Logitech has REALLY changed since I worked doing help desk tech support.


I also noticed a warning IN TINY LETTERS that says to NOT update the firmware unless you are having problems. I firmly believe that the firmware update caused the issue, I would like to see Logitech either put that letering in OLD MAN type size or give a way to roll back to the original firmware. That would save them quite a bit of replacements.

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Re: Harmony One stuck.

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