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Harmony Remote 520 upgrade

I haven't seen any messages about the Harmony 520 on here. Have been trying to upgrade but the link I'm supposed to use says it no longer exisists. I'm supposed to upgrade from 5.0.1  to  5.3.2 but it won't let me, the link is this:     This does not work. Can you help me on this? My remote is on safe mode.
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Re: Harmony Remote 520 upgrade

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Hi there,
Version 5 of the Harmony Remote Client Software is REALLY out-dated.  The version of Harmony Remote Client Software that is officially supported for the 520 remote is version 7.5
You can download it here:
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Re: Harmony Remote 520 upgrade

Hello im trying to update my harmony remote 520 and its saying the link i have does not exsit. 


how can i update a new version


Thank you




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Re: Harmony Remote 520 upgrade

I have update the link in DonHarmony's message to point to the Software Downloads page of Logitech Harmony Remote software.


Click on Downloads, and then choose your Operating System.


Only if you are running anything older than Windows XP will you need to run version 5 of the software.