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How Does It Work Without Computer???

I just spent a gazillion $$$ on this fancy new remote and it wants a computer connection. I bought it for my TV, DVD and Cable Box.
So I go to my computer and it says fine, installs software, updates firmware, updates software to Version 7.* and that's it. It just says Connecting and shows 0%. I look at the status and it shows nothing. I look at the screen and it says USB connected. I turn it off, turn it on, remove batteries, reboot computer, do everything thinkable, but can not get beyond connecting 0%.
So now I want to try and do it manually and can't find instruction. I didn't spend a gazillion $$$ on a fancy new 'TV' remote for nothing.
I don't have connectivity issues. I have a fancy new computer with fast cable and USB2.0 and the works. I was a little worried about installing 3rd party (logitech) software on my MS-Only computer. I never have problems sticking with MS only software.
Does anyone know what's going on here? It's a model 520, the only model Radio Shack had, not even listed on logitech as a new product, though I just bought it. I didn't go to the store to buy old junk.
I'm returning the darn thing tomorrow if I can't get it to work.
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Re: How Does It Work Without Computer???

Apologies if this is stating the obvious but soemtimes it is the obvious things we miss so please forgive me.......
All of the programming HAS to be done on the computer - all of this info is then transferred to the remote handset
I would suggest that you follow these steps (if you haven't done so already)
Do not plug your Remote to the PC - these steps can be done anywhere with an internet connection - I usually do these bits at work and then update the remote when I get home!
On the left hand side create a NEW USER LOGIN (or log in to an existing one)
Add the devices you have using the web interface (the left hand side)
Set up any ACTIVITIES you want to use (the right hand side)
Once everything is done you can then then connect the remote
The screen on your remote will simply say "USB CONNECTED"
Click on the "Update My Remote" icon in the top right
You will then be taken through a number of steps
You are likely to get a security warning as the software will be downloading a file - ensure that you allow this to download
When you are presented with dialogue boxes to OPEN or SAVE ensure that you click OPEN - this should then automate the process of updating your remote
You may need to do the above steps more than once
You should finally get a screen saying to try the handset out - unplug it and give it a whirl
If everything works OK following these steps you will have a few weeks of tweaking the set-up ahead, which can be a pain but once it is all done you will LOVE the remote!
If it doesn't work following these steps I would suggest giving logitech a call
Good Luck and let us know how you get on