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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

That did not work for me; the Applications / Utilities / Java Applications / General tab - I did drag the 32-bit version to the top; even restarted the computer but the "Update Remote" event simply stays at 0% complete.  Logitech - please give us an update for OSX Lion please!

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

Working fine for me. Been on Lion for a few days now and no problems with the Harmony software here.

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote


I`ve managed to get this to work after ohhh... Roughly 3 hours.. (should take you about 15 mins)

1. Go to Java Preferences   and pull the 32 bit on top.
2. Go into FireFox settings and check that all popups and everything is allowed (had crashes without this)
3. Update Firefox to the newest version.
4. Reboot.

If you got a LG product like i do, then you might have problems with the software just going blank when you press "L".
Just copy and paste "LG" and it should work. 

I got it mostly working on just step 1 and 2. But it stalled when i was syncing and so on.

I might add i am using a Harmony 600.

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

How long have you used Logitech Harmony software for? Haha. It's the worst software ever written. It's a **bleep** shame the hardware is so nice. That's the only reason I suffer their intolerable refusal to implement any user requested changes.

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

I've tried booting OS X Lion into 32-bit mode, but this just prevents USB access for the Harmony 900.  I've also tried modifying the Java Preferences to ensure that 32-bit mode was the first in the list, but the Logitech Harmony Remote Software 7.7.0 still does not recognize the remote control.

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

Dear Logitech,

Can we please get an answer on when you will be fixing the OSX lion problems in your software, or give us a statement on what you are doing about this.

Given that this software has not seen an update in 18 months (harmony 1) and that lion has been around in beta for almost a year, I would think you might have checked compatability and at least given us some feedback, rather than letting your loyal customers fiddle around trying to get your software working.

Out of 31 applications running on my Mac, logitech is the only vendor that either had working product on release date or gave some statement on when we could expect updates. This includes a numberb of one man shops. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

coburndt -


I too had issues with Logitech Software (7.7.0) with my Harmony 900 remote not being recognized. Before I get into that I also have a Harmony 880 remote and was able to sync it with Logitech Software (7.7.0) without any issues in Lion 10.7.1. The Harmony 900 was not so easy. After more than 3 hours of tweaking and restarting I was able to successfully connect my Harmony 900. 


I tired everything Logitech suggested even though I wasn't able to ever boot up in 32-bit mode by pressing "3" and "2" during startup. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough with this process . I found using Terminal to be much easier. My system's default is 64-bit mode. Before making any changes in Terminal you will need to check what your default mode is. In Terminal type uname -a if you see i386 at the end your in 32-bit mode and if you see x86_64 your in 64-bit mode. To make a change in Terminal copy the sudo command in bold below and paste into Terminal. Hit return. You will need to have the administrator password to apply this. Quit all applications and reboot.


To select the 32-bit kernel for the current startup disk, use the following command in Terminal:

sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386


To select the 64-bit kernel for the current startup disk, use the following command in Terminal:

sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture x86_64


After rebooting you can verify your booted in 32-bit mode by going to Terminal and typing uname -a. You should see setkernelbootarchitecture i386. Once your successful in connecting your remote I suggest changing your system back to what it was originally. 


I also tired Bizango suggestion of changing the Java Preferences. I was able to put 32-bit mode on top but it didn't seem to do the trick for me. I also disable pop-up's as was suggested, even though I was not experiencing crashing with the software. Thank you Bizango for these suggestions.


The last thing I tried was in the Network preference for the Harmony 900 connection I clicked the advanced button at the bottom. Changed Configure IPv6 to Link-local only from automatically. Clicked OK and launched the Logitech software. And by golly it worked. Now I'm not entirely sure which one of these tweaks did the job, I was just elated that I was finally able to get it to work. 


Hopefully your able to make any one of these combinations of tweaks to get your remote to connect. Good luck!


About my system:

27" iMac

2.8 GHz Intel Core i5

OS 10.7.1


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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

I tried everything you did but it did not work on my iMac 21" Core 2 Duo.


Thank God I had a Mac Mini at home that I had not yet upgraded to Lion. This is ridiculous. I have sent a support request to Logitech but have not heard back.


I also spent the day looking at other universal remotes and controllers for home automation. There are some great alternatives to the Harmony products. Particularly if you have an iPhone or an iPad like I do. I'm thinking something new is in my future and my Harmony 1100 is going to find its way onto eBay.


Best of luck getting help from Logitech.

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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

I just got a Harmony 900 and Harmony desktop v7.70 would not recognize it either. Just checked that Logitech hasn't updated their software since Jan of 2010!


Add me to the list of shocked and frustrated customer!!!



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Re: Mac OS X Lion/harmony remote

This is the worst set up experience I've had with just about any device I can remember.

The software is terrible.

The connection to Mac Lion OS is pathetic.