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New JVC SL47B-C (BlackSapphire series)

I having a terrible time trying to get the input selection (among other things) working on my new JVC TV.  How quickly do new TVs get added to the database?  Is there a work around to fixing inputs (e.g. recommendation on another JVC TV to select instead)?  In my case, one button brings up the input selection, I need to up or down arrow to the correct input, and then press Enter.  I've tried a number of different scenarios for programming but nothing has worked yet.





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Re: New JVC SL47B-C (BlackSapphire series)

Hi jmsonic,


Unfortunately, we don't have a specific information on how long it takes before specific model is added to the database. If a device is not listed in the Harmony database, you can try the following options to configure your Harmony remote:


  • If you have the original remote, you can use it to confirm commands or to find a similar match in our database (see answer 32332).
  • NOTE: A similar match won't necessarily provide the best results. We recommend you use your original remote to teach commands to your Harmony remote.
  • If you don't have the original remote, our database will look for a similar match, though it might not include all of your original remote's commands (see answer32332).
  • After using your original remote (or similar match) to configure your Harmony remote, you can teach your remote the missing commands (see answer 32338).
  • After you've added the missing commands, you'll need to map to the activities that you want to use the command for (see answers 32335 and 32336).





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