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No sound out of my Vizio sound bar after setting up my new 650

I have a simple set up...

     - DirecTV satellite box (HDMI1 from TV)

     - Vizio sound bar S3821 w-C0 (Digital to TV)

     - Panasonic TC-P50ST60 TV. 


Currently I was using my DirecTV remote to control the satellite box and TV.  I could not find a valid code for the DirecTV remote to work with my sound bar so I have been using the Vizio remote to control the volume.  NOTE: I set the Volume to 0 & the Max Volume to 0 on my TV through the Hotel Menu, which again works fine if I am using the Vizio remote.


I got tired of 2 remotes so I bought a Harmony 650.  I set everything up all devices turn on, off & function great including a few Activities…except for the fact that I cannot hear anything out of the sound bar now.  The Volume UP/DOWN lights indicate that I should hear sound, however, nothing. 


I tried to delete the sound bar and start over, still nothing.  None of the connections have been disconnected & the Hotel setting is still set to Volume to 0 & the Max Volume to 0.


Any ideas???????????????????????????????????

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Re: No sound out of my Vizio sound bar after setting up my new 650



After starting the activity and getting no audio from the Vizio Sound bar, try using the Help function on the Harmony 650 and see if you get audio afterwards. If you start getting audio when you use the Help function, try increasing the Power On Delay of the Harmony 650. Check this link for instructions. Answer ID: 11687.




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