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Panasonic Viera TC-L32U22 TV Won't Switch Inputs

I have seen several versions of this question but have found no answers yet to my problem.


I have a Harmony 520 remote. I have been using it for several years and I love it. I just replaced my old Toshiba TV with a new Panasonic Viera model TC-L32U22 LCD screen. I have been having major issues getting the inputs to switch properly on the TV using the Harmony. I have turned off the SD card reader and the Viera link control on the TV. I have also deactivated all inputs except the HDMI connection to the UVerse DVR and the VIdeo connection to the DVD. Whenever I select an activity the TV will not switch from its last setting to a new one. This is regardless of whether I am coming from an Off position for all devices or switching between activities. The TV stays on the last input setting.


If I am coming from an Off position, it doesn't even appear to try to change the inputs. It just stays with the previous one. I have to select Help and tell it the wrong input is selected, which brings up the inputs screen. Then I have to tell Help again that the wrong input is selected to get it to switch the correct one.


If I am switching from one input to the other, the inputs screen comes on automatically but it just stays there and the selection does not move to the expected new input. I have to press the Help button and tell it that it is not on the correct input and then it switches.


It does not appear to learning from these help experiences as this happens every time.


Please provide me assistance. I love this remote but I love my new TV too. I would like us all to get along.



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Re: Panasonic Viera TC-L32U22 TV Won't Switch Inputs

I have the same problem with an older panasonic television that uses the same remote. Seeing that your problem remained unsolved for over a year, without any replies is disappointing. Panasonic sells millions of these TVs worldwide and Logitech cannot be bothered to deal with this. Thoroghly disappointing. I asked my son to sell the Harmony remote on Ebay. If you have panasonic equipment it is useless.