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Raspberry PI and Harmony 1100

Hey all.


I have a Logitech harmony 1100 and the RF reciver.


I want to buy Parsbperry PI and use XBMC.


What do i need to controll XBMC? Meaby a guide?


Regards Daniel and thanks

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Re: Raspberry PI and Harmony 1100

I control my Raspberry Pi via CEC and it does not give me any problems. If you can not use/don't have CEC I have a PC on one of my TVs and I use a Flirc ( It is a programmable IR dongle that converts the signals from your remote to keyboard key presses and is reported to work with the Raspberry Pi. You can find more details on the Flirc used in conjunction with a Harmony and the Raspberry Pi on the Flirc forums on their website.

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Re: Raspberry PI and Harmony 1100

I use something much simpler, this Ortek/Adesso dongle. Works fine with harmony (or any universal remtoe) and requires zero programming or software. It just works right out of the box. The Harmony profile is Adesso ARC-1100.