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Reprogramming Harmony 550 Universal Remote

My universal remote was "deprogrammed" by kids; in trying to use the tutorial to reprogram my 550 Series model I mistakenly updated the installation CD & can only pull up the 600 series manual. Can someone take me thru the steps to reprogram the 550? I have a Sharp HDTV; a Pioneer receiver; and am working with a Cox Cable universal remote to operate the equipment that provides the additional services for the HDTV system from the cable company. The Cox universal remote is not effective on the other equipment I have or I would program it. Thanks. Cajun Girl
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Re: Reprogramming Harmony 550 Universal Remote

It's not possible to deprogram your remote, unless it is hooked up to the PC via a USB cable and then logged into your account on Logitech's server.  What problem are you having with the remote?

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Re: Reprogramming Harmony 550 Universal Remote

Welcome to the forum - all Harmonys use the same software that you can download from the Products link here - and when you tell us what's wrong with the 550 we'll tell you how to put it right without "reprogramming".