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Xbox 360 Remote - Buttons stopped working

On my Harmony 360 recently 2 of the buttons stopped working... the lowerleft on the display screen and the up arrow.


Are there any suggestions for fixing these, or if not any support solutions?  I'd rather not have to buy a new one if I don't have.

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Re: Xbox 360 Remote - Buttons stopped working


as this is hardware related, only Logitech support can sortout this one. There were no reports here about self-fixing button problems with the 360 so far.




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Re: Xbox 360 Remote - Buttons stopped working

If you can't get it replaced under warranty, there is something you can try yourself that's worked for me. The clicky buttons seem to be the source of all the problems. They consist of a metal dome covered in a layer of plastic. If you remove enough of this plastic layer (without damaging the metal dome) in the center of the dome for the bottom of the keypad to make direct contact with it, the dome's contact with the circuit board will improve and it's function will be restored. If you remove too much plastic, the dome won't be held in place anymore and the key won't work at all.


Calculator makers have been able to make reliable dome keyboards for years. Logitech apparently hasn't figured out how to do it yet.