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harmony software suggestions

first, i'd like to say that i'm usually not the type to write on forums, but i care about my home theatre setup too much not to write this time!


i now own a 1100 with rf extended


first suggestion is

when upgrading to the 1100 (from the 880 in my case), it's ok to have to redo all of the activities, but it's definitly NOT ok to redo all of the device. i mean, it's the same thing!! i understand for activities, the buttons are different, but the devices stay the same!!


second suggestion is

improve the harmony software in general. it's by far the worst part of the harmony suite!

it's slow, require way too much clicks, information is very hard to find

why does it signout automatically ?!? i'm not dealing with my bank account here!

allow it to scale better in the window, make the application web-based (with a plugin to sync the remotes)

why does it ask me if everything is controlled the way i want? answering yes or no makes NO difference!


third suggestion

kinda related to #2, allow the whole thing to be xml customizable! so we could skip the whole software altogether!


and last suggestion is

when making a small modification for a power option (leave a device always on for example), i need to re-update my rf extender. that's uber annoying!! there no need for it to be updated in this case!!


that's it for now, i hope logitech reads this and make some modifications!

they have great products, but should really try to improve on their software


thanks for reading!

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Re: harmony software suggestions

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Hi, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your excellent contribution.

All your points have been made before, and have been ignored by Logitech, but every new comment on the subject gives weight to the argument, so maybe they'll have to cave in under the pressure, sooner or later.