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G35 Voice Morphing

When, where and how will we be able to get new voice fonts for this headset?  They're GREAT!



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Re: G35 Voice Morphing

Yeah, i like em too, but id also like to get more sublte ones, that only shift it a few octives.  Just enough to not be recognized as me, but maybe not enough to be obvious its a voice changer.
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Re: G35 Voice Morphing

i hope they add new voices.
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Re: G35 Voice Morphing

If you're feeling impatient or pessimistic that there will ever be new voices released for the headset, you may want to go straight to the source and look at getting MorphVOX Pro.  It's made by the same company that licensed the voice morphing filters to Logitech, Screaming Bee .


The other popular utility out there that's a bit harder to use but offers more control is AV Voice Changer Software Gold.


Expect to fork out about $40 for either of em.  :\

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Re: G35 Voice Morphing

i am having trouble getting the morphing to work,

i install the software and in the software it tells me the morphing 

software is not installed please reinstall the software, so i do

and still nothing