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H150 Headset Problem

I have the Logitech H150, I am running Windows 7 Pro, I hooked the headset up correctly, I hear sound but can not use the mic.


In Control Panel > Sound:


Under Playback I see the speakers butunder Recording I see the following "No audio devices are installed.


I have the mic plug in the mic outlet on the PC.


I tried the headset on my Mac, got the same results.


Any ideas????

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Re: H150 Headset Problem

Hi EHammarstrom,


The Stereo Headset H150 is just using the native drivers of your sound card, making it as a plug-and-play device. I believe that it's not an issue with the in-line controls found along the cord, since the computer (Sound Properties) should at least recognize the microphone as a 'plug-in' device. You can also try to do the following procedure to completely isolate the problem:


  1. Make sure that the headset's microphone plug is inserted into the pink port of your sound card. Verify if it is plugged all the way in.
  2. Check if your computer has front ports for headphones and microphone. Test if the headset works with those ports.
  3. Open the Device Manager (Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager)
  4. Expand "Sound, Video and Game Controllers". Look for your sound card manufacturer name under the list (e.g.,SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio, etc.). Right click and choose "Update Software Drivers".
  5. Follow the instruction prompts to proceed with the update.
  6. Restart the computer if necessary.
  7. Test if the headset's microphone is now working.

Feel free to post back for further updates. :smileywink:




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Logi Nu
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Re: H150 Headset Problem

Tried all that.... This was the second headset of his brand.... Took it bac, got a HP USB headset, works now. I am going to say good bye to Logitech products.