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Logitech USB 250 - RealTek Audio HD

I recently bought a new headset thanks to my cat...
Anyway, I purchased the Logitech USB 250 headset/mic which was almost identical to the Logitech I had before with the exception of the USB.  The other one plugged right into the headphone/mic jacks right on the front of my PC.
I also have RealTek HD Audio Manager (whatever that is) on my computer...
With the old headset RealTek knew exactly when I plugged this in and prompted me to confirm the device(s) that were being used and would switch to those devices automatically.  With this new USB headset, Windows recognizes it and allows for it's use, but Realtek doesn't do anything... doesn't switch the sources or anything.
I tested the headset using Skype and had to change the in/out sources physically within the program (something I never had to do before) and the mic/headset work fine.  I hear the audio from Skype through the phones.  However, if I try to play something from iTunes or Windows Media, the sound comes from the external speakers.  Basically, I'm trying to use Total Recorder to record a podcast using Skype but nothing I do to change the parameters in each program is working.  I would also love to just be able to plug in the headset - and poof - magically it works like the old one.  Smiley Sad
This is maddening.
I have emailed Realtek (as I assume it's their issue) with no response so thought I would try here.  Anyone have this issue?
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Re: Logitech USB 250 - RealTek Audio HD

Anyone?  Smiley Sad
This is kind of becoming an urgent matter.  I still have yet to hear from Realtek.
p.s.  Sorry for the double post!  eek
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Re: Logitech USB 250 - RealTek Audio HD

Hi there,

See if this works.

Plug in your USB Headset.
Then go to Sound and Audio Devices Properties (Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices),
choose the Audio tab. In the Sound Playback option, choose Logitech USB Headset as your
Default device instead of Realtek HD Audio output. When unplugging the Headset,
the sound should automatically transfer to speakers and vice versa.
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Re: Logitech USB 250 - RealTek Audio HD

Hi i was just wondering, from control pannel and sounds and audio devices and you go to the Audio tab, sound play back you can only select one to be used. Is it possible to use both simmultaneously? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy