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Logitech USB Headset Problem

Hey guys,
This is my first post so thanks for your future help

My problem is that i want to use my Logitech USB Headset in a game called project reality.  I want it to just transmit the VOIP and not the windows sounds.  I am currently running Vista and that is why i am unable to find any help on this.  So anyway, my Headset is basicly acticing as a speaker.  Sofar the only ways i can get the Headset to work is to just leave my Default speaker the same and plug in my headset but the result of that is VOIP and Windows Sounds playing through the Monitor.  But if i change the Default Device to be the headset the result in that is Every Sound playing through the Headset which annoys me very bad.  So if anyone has any help on this plaese let me know how to fix it. For future prefrences Thanks.