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USB headphones work/wont work

Hello everyone, I am new as you can tell... I bought a "Clearchat Comfort USB" headphones with a problem is that when I play an online game the microphone will work sometimes and wont work the next minute....How do I / what can I download to make it work everytime I plug it in... I have found that if its plugged in before I turn on my computer it sometimes works but it will never last....what can I download or do to keep it going????
are there drivers or software available??? I cannot find it from the home page on logitech...
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Re: USB headphones work/wont work

Hi world,
There are no drivers for our Audio products. They use native OS drivers for USB products and use the Sound card for analog. Could you try it in another computer and let us know what happens?
Thank you for your post.

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