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Window's won't recognize

I've always used logitec USB  headsets.  Today, I unplugged my headset, attached my camera to download some pictures.  When I reattached my headset, windows won't recognize it... Any ideas.  Was it the latest update?




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Re: Window's won't recognize

I'm having a similar problem.  I have been using a Logitech USB headphone/mic on my Windows Vista machine for over a year.  After I did some Windows updates earlier this week, Windows only partially recognizes the headset.


The Microphone works fine, but sound refuses to play through the headset.


When I go into Control Panel,  in Sound, under Playback, the headset does not show up in the list at all.  All I see there are my Realtek speakers that came with the computer.  Under recording, "Headset microphone: 2-Logitech USB Headaset" shows up and has the green checkmark that it is the default device.


I thought I maybe needed drivers, but I don;t think I ever loaded drivers for this and when I went to the support pages it seemed to indicate that USB headsets use the native drivers.


Anyway, my headset no longer works, any help would be appreciated I use the headset for Skype a LOT, and am currently dead in the water, considering buying a new one from someone other than Logitech if this cannot be resolved.


My system:

Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1

eMachines T5246

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz


32-bit OS