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A Solution - Red Flashing Light on Mouse. "Your mouse's battery is unknown."

I have had the diNovo Media Desktop including the bluetooth keyboard, and the MX900 Mouse for over 2 years now - maybe even 3 (I got it when it first came out - sexy) anyway - Just today I found this issue - the light blinking red..

The mouse, when put on the cradle would flash green once, then blink red.
The software showed the status of the battery, "Your mouse's battery is unknown."
Well it's been 'known' for the last 3 years!

I've noticed sometimes the contacts on the mouse will need to be cleaned (use an eraser) but this did not help.
The Solution I found was to take out the batteries and swap them around, and rotate them while in place in the mouse.
My guess is over the last three years - the batteries just needed to be nudged, refreshing the contact between the batteries and the leads in the mouse.

The spinning may have been a bit of VooDoo but hey - it worked.

I may go ahead and get new rechargeable batteries too - they do have a lifespan...
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Re: A Solution - Red Flashing Light on Mouse. "Your mouse's battery is unknown."

Hi YoBob Smiley Happy

I suggest that you contact the point of purchase for replacement or contact our customer support via phone for information on  replacement. You may refer to the Contact tab on top of our webpage. You may also refer to article 53 on this link here.

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Re: A Solution - Red Flashing Light on Mouse. "Your mouse's battery is unknown."

Thank You for the suggestion. However when I went to contact customer support looking for replacement batteries, I found the following answer:

The MX700/MX900 should reach a full charge, after a complete discharge, in four to six and a half hours. A full charge should last, on average, about ten days for a standard office user. Some "heavy" users might need to recharge the mouse more often. Charging the mouse for 15 minutes gives the mouse enough power to operate for one day of standard use. We recommend you fully charge the mouse as often as possible.

The MX700/MX900 will let you know when it is about eight hours away from a total discharge by flashing a red light on the top of the mouse. When you see this light, you should recharge the mouse. Once the mouse has been charged past the eight hour warning point, the light will no longer flash red when the mouse is not in the charger/base station. While the mouse is charging, the light should flash green. When it is fully charged, the light will stop flashing.

If your mouse doesn’t charge as described above, there may be an issue with the charging base or the batteries.

Warning: Do NOT try to use any other batteries to charge the mouse. This means that the mouse must never be put on the Rapid Charge Base Station while equipped with any batteries other than the NiMH batteries.

In order to verify if there is a problem with either the base or the batteries, please perform the follwoing steps:

  • First check that the charger/base station is properly connected to the AC power adapter.

  • Check that the AC power adapter is plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. You can test if the electrical outlet functions by plugging in another electrical device to see if it works.

  • Next, replace the batteries with two AA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that are rated between 1500-2300 mAh.

  • Also, if you are using the mouse on a dark surface, try using it on a white sheet of paper. Dark surfaces cause the optical sensor to work harder, thus draining the batteries faster.

If using a different surface and changing the batteries does not correct the issue, your device may be defective.