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Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Kit technical help please

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i was previously using Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Kit (Y-RE20).
I updated to a newer logitech keyboard and the nice smooth G5 mouse Smiley Happy
I sat my old combo in the garage. I went to get the old combo out for the kids computer yesterday,
only to discover that the dog seems to have gotten to it.
The cord has been chewed off the receiver.
Not Happy !
I went and purchased some replacement ps2 ports from the local electronics shop,
but am unsure of which wires are for the keyboard port, and which are for the mouse port.
Also which wires are for which pins on the ps2 plugs.
I rang Logitech support today, and they said they do not have that infomation on hand,
and that i should come here and ask for it as only logitech united states would be able to provide me with
the information i need.
It's just a simple 8 wires, and would be easily repair-able as i have a bit of soldering experience.
I know some may think i'm being cheap.
But the kids have been through so many keyboards because of pulling the wires out the back, that this would be a great solution for them.
Here is all the info i could find for the product:
Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Kit
Logitech Keyboard P/N: 867158-0100
Logitech Keyboard M/N: Y-RE20
Logitech Mouse P/N: 851480-1000
Logitech Mouse M/N: M-RR63
Logitech Receiver P/N: 830522-0000
Logitech Receiver M/N: C-BD9-DUAL
PS/2 Reciever
thankyou in advance for your help.

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Re: Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Kit technical help please

If you can find the old end, you can just test the connections on that (but I'm guessing you already know that).

Searching Google for pictures of C-BD9-DUAL finds this:

Which shows the end as a USB (for mouse and keyboard) or a PS/2 for mouse and an adapter to PS/2 for keyboard. It might be easier to guess just the USB connections (ground, data+, data-, and +5V), possibly just from writing on the PCB of the receiver.

Ground is easy to spot since it is usually large areas of the PCB. 2 of the wires will be this.

The other 2 wires that connect together are for +5V, which just leads 4 data lines.

You might even get away with connecting USB ground and +5V, then try sets for the data +/- until the PC detects the device. Note this might destroy the universe (or more likely only the receiver and/or that USB port if anything), so beware. But, I've connected USB data lines backwards before and had no ill effect (besides it not working until I connected it properly).

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Re: Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Kit technical help please

thanks for the reply.
I would have done that, but...
I have no idea where the old ends have gone.
Silly dog could have put 'em anywhere. although, they're probably buried under the house by now (with everything else he collects). Smiley Sad
I just remember connecting it up to the ps2 ports, so i assumed it was ps2 for both keyboard and mouse.
Guess i could have been wrong.?.
Doesn't matter. i'll just buy a usb plug aswell if i need too.
The receiver on that link looks like mine, but the keyboard doesn't though.
I did check the pcb for writing to identify each connection.
But there was nothing there to say what is what.
I'd rather not distroy the receiver or damage the usb ports.
I did think of going for the trial and error approach, But decided against it for that very reason.
Besides, the lady from logitech phone support said they'd give me the info i need if i post a request here.
Thanks for your help,