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Driver support for Linux?

After spending hours and HOURS researching, implementing, and constantly trying to get my Logitech MX3200 keyboard and mouse combination to work with Ubuntu 7.10, I've been forced to revert back to a Windows environment.

I'm not the only one with problems with Logitech drivers (or proprietary drivers, for that matter). There are numerous posts about Logitech products not working under Linux, and there is only so much that developers can do to almost reverse-engineer and emulate input to allow for Logitech products to work under a Linux environment. It is frustrating enough for me, personally, to consider another brand for input devices for my next computer purchase, as it may be the case with most other Linux users.

Will Logitech actually SERIOUSLY look into providing driver support for Linux users? There's no point of purchasing something as grand as the MX3200 when you can't even use the special function keys... it becomes just another keyboard and mouse, and that's IF it works.
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Re: Driver support for Linux?

I've recently spent some time getting my diNovo Mini to work under Linux, experience
described here:

I noticed that there are several logitech specific "quirks" for specific USB vendor
and product IDs, and it may well be that one of the existing quirks would work
for your keyboard, but the linux usbhid driver doesn't have it in its list yet
(when digging through the source I noted quirks that sounded like they had
something to do with keyboards sending extra keycodes outside the standard range).

If you are desperate enough, you could try digging up the kernel source and
getting the hex codes for the quirks and trying them out using the module
parameter technique described in the web page above.

It worked for my Mini touchpad :-).

P.S. If you find a quirk that works, be sure to send it in to the linux-usb
mailing list so it can be added to the usbhid driver.