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Help connecting wireless keyboard and mouse

Hello out there. i have a logitech model wireless keyboard and mouse that i think may be an older model. the model # is Y-RAJ56A     P/N 867776-0403 PID LZ701AG0ATK. I'm trying to reconnect these item to my new computer. i have the receiver plugged in correct and all the batteries in the keyboard and mouse are good. but they won't connect. i think there may be something wrong with the receiver. i see that there is a light above the connect button. but it is off and never comes on no matter what i do. is it broken? is it something else? If it is broken can i get a new one of just buy a new one? if any has these answers please let me know through here or email subject: logitech wireless answers. thank you
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Re: Help connecting wireless keyboard and mouse

Have you also tested the receiver with the devices on another system....this is to check whether the receiver is faulty or not


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