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Drivers for Keyboard and Mouse "Cordless Internet Pro"

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Hi - I need to download the drivers for my keyboard and mouse again. The product name on the underside of the keyboard is  "Cordless Internet Pro" and the mouse is "Cordless Optical Mouse". Trouble is they don't seem to match any of the pictures on the Logictech support site.
My OS is XP.
Can someone direct me to the correct drivers? Thanks, Rich

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Re: Drivers for Keyboard and Mouse "Cordless Internet Pro"

Cordless Internet Pro Desktop but it says no driver software O.O
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Re: Drivers for Keyboard and Mouse "Cordless Internet Pro"

As far as I know, Logitech keyboard and mouse uses Windows drivers. I am guessing that there arent any keys on the keyboard that is programmable thats why there is no software avaialble for this desktop set.
Are you having problems connecting the desktop set? It should work with the Windows drivers.
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Re: Drivers for Keyboard and Mouse "Cordless Internet Pro"

I'm having the same problem.

I recently rebuilt my system and when I went to reinstall the software and drivers from the website found that it said

"This product does not ship with software. It uses the native USB drivers already present in your operating system."

The problem is that there ARE buttons on the keyboard and they are not functioning. I'm even having problems with my mouse not always registering when I click. I KNOW that there was software for this keyboard because I had it installed on the old system and it was always bugging me about low batteries.. LOL

They also aren't USB.. they're plugged into the normal keyboard and mouse slots.

The Control Panel has them listed as being Microsoft mouse and keyboard rather than Logitech.