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MX3000 keyboard cannot get secured

Ive owned a mx3000 keyboard and mouse combo for almost 2 years and have only been able to use the mouse because everytime I try to get the keyboard working (on different systems, not just the same one) the secure encryption wizard stops me. I press the keys it tells me to (ctrl + left alt + f12) and my documents opens, my dvd drive ejects and windows media player opens sometimes. Ive used the cordless mouse a great deal and thats mostly what I bought the combo for, but I think its about time to get the keyboard working and Im stumped as to why this still new keyboard cant send the right messages to my computer. Ive looked through these boards for similar problems and only found solutions like drain the power from the keyboard and do fresh installations. Just to make sure though, am I allowed to have another keyboard (ps2) plugged in during installation, I've exhausted every possibility with this combo and am starting to think that I have a defective set, someone please help me out, thanks.