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software upgrade dell logitech wireless mouse and keyboard

having difficulty with eratic mouse and dieing left button after some user time..........10min or more (have all new batteries and the batterie info states that they are good)
talked to dell.....still under warenty..he he.  they suggested i find new upgraded sw for my product...he was unable to assist me on where to get it........said to go to this i have searched this site . am wondering if the sw that i think is right is the right ones.  As delivered my product is a dell logitech mouseware 9.41.3 sw for hw m/n: M-RM67A,  P/N: 851877-0000 and
my keyboard sw was itouch 1.82b with hw DP/N 09J788, ds/n th-09j788-37171-2ah-1413  Rev. A00,        M/N:  Y-RB6 (under this number is RT7R00  V:5XTW)  , then  P/N 867196-0403 under this number is (126914-551 A)  these are all on a white sticker on the back of the keyboard.
There are some numbers on a black back ground sticker..CE 0678, BAKOM 99.03.9.k.p., also 4882A153, and alos ITE ACCESSORY e97600 AND ALSO 643975-2000
where i am having trouble with the mouse, the keyboard is ok, but the site said that if i use the new mouse ware, i should also use the new keyboard sw
The sw that i have downloaded is
mouseware  mw 9791enu  and  keyboard itouch    it222enu
Are these right.........if not what is?  Thanks for your help.
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Re: software upgrade dell logitech wireless mouse and keyboard

Those are the newest versions of MouseWare and iTouch.

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Re: software upgrade dell logitech wireless mouse and keyboard

Hi lily,


First I would like to thank you for choosing Logitech as your desktop unit. From your post, I see that you had an issue with the mouse acting erratically.


May I know request for more details pertaining to this issue. Like, is the keyboard and mouse uses separate receiver to connect or are they single via single receiver ? Is SetPoint installed as well?


Meanwhile you can try this suggestion to get the mouse connected.


  1. Make sure the receiver is properly connected and fresh batteries are installed in the mouse or keyboard. 

  2. Press and hold the Connect button for 10 seconds and release. (reset)

  3. Press the Connect button on the receiver. (connection procedure)

  4. Press the Connect button on the mouse. Note: You may need a pencil tip or other small tip to press the connect button.

Please do let me know if the issue still persists so that I could offer further assistance if needed.