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Command Key?

I have never bought a non apple made keyboard before.

So my question is: On the mac OS X supported keyboards, do they swap out the window keys for command[⌘] keys?

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Re: Command Key?

If you're worried about having to re-learn all your keyboard shortcuts, fear not. On my Logitech keyboard, the Command key is right next to the spacebar, on a key that shares the labels "Alt," "Open-Apple," and "⌘." Next to it is the Option key, which is also the Windows Key for Windows computers. Once you install the drivers, these keys will work exactly as you expect.

Also, if you don't want to install the drivers, you can go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and swap the modifier keys so that they are where you expect them to be. This will work for any keyboard. Hope that helps!