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DiNovo Mini Bluetooth Receiver Not Recognized on 2 Vista Computers

Purchased a DiNovo Mini yesterday (S/N LZ817A1) and the Bluetooth USB receiver is not being recognized in either of my fairly new Vista Home Premium computers.  Installed, uninstalled and reinstalled SetPoint 4.60 software which I downloaded the site.  Then installed the earlier version that came on the CD (SetPoint 4.24) but no luck.  Moved the mini-receiver to different USB ports but that didn't help.  One computer said I had to install software for a BCM2045A but Broadcomm said "Your Bluetooth software license does not include use on this operating system [-350]".  Whenever I plug in the receiver Vista says "USB device not recognized.  One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it".  Downloaded and installed Widcomm and the software installed flawlessly, but the Broadcom drivers can't recognize the mini receiver either.  Tried to get Windows to add hardware by using Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel but it said no Bluetooth devices are connected.  Everything else on the computer works flawlessly, including other USB devices.  I connected the mini receiver directly to the computer, not through a hub.  No combination of pushing reset buttons on either the keyboard or receiver make any difference.  Either this receiver is defective or it damaged the Vista Bluetooth drivers.  Logitech should provide just drivers for the receiver so that Vista can recognize it and then SetPoint would install and probably work.  I need new drivers and/or a new receiver from Logitech.  This one has failed on two pristine, fairly new Vista computers on the first day it was plugged in.