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Multiple logitech keyboard with 1 bluetooth dongle??

is it possible to connect 2 logitech bluetooth keyboard to the same dongle?? i'm having trouble connecting the dinovo edge and the dinovo mini to the same bluetooth dongle. the only reason i'm don't want to use 2 bluetooth dongle is i have too many usb device plugged in and don't feel the need to plug 2 bluetooth dongle in.. i thought bluetooth should be able to connect multiple bluetooth device to it? everytime i click the red button on the bluetooth dongle and the connect button on the keyboards.. it'll only connect one of them and not the other.. it only works when i plug both bluetooth adapter in.. and what happened to the bluetooth icon in set point where u could use it to connect the bluetooth device? it's kind of a hassle to press the red button everytime especially if the dongle is at the back of the computer.. i'm using vista 32bit if that's any help..
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Re: Multiple logitech keyboard with 1 bluetooth dongle??

I am having the exact same problem. While I can use 2 dongles, I don't see why this is necessary.