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Number Lock

Windows xp logitech MX 5000 laser bluetooth keyboard
I have tried on my own but can not find anywhere that it shows how to turn off number lock, the icon on the taskbar shows number lock on  but how do you shut if off if you need to.. old keyboard had  it on number pad new one has clear calc button
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Re: Number Lock

According to this and this, the MX5000 doesn't have a native NumLock key and re-enables NumLock status after every press of a number-pad key.

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Re: Number Lock

Vince, I read your message about the "Clear" left arrow key to the left of the slash at the top left of the Numeric Pad as a Num Lock ON/OFF key. It does momentarily change the warning from Num Lock OFF to "ON" , but it immediately shifts back to "OFF".  What is the story and why is such a simple obvious function made so difficult and arcane? If you have any more suggestions please let me know. It was working fine, but now it doesn't, and I am unaware that I have changed anything. Thanks for your help.TChallanged.