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A wireless keyboard compatible with Sony BDV-N890W‏ Blu-ray system?

Hey Guys,


I recently purchased the Sony Bluray unit and everything is fine with it with the exception of having to use the remote to manually enter names, etc. on the wireless internet service and I know I will get carpal tunnel syndrome soon enough if I keep this up.  Sony was absolutely of no help so now I'm asking other manufacturers if they have a keyboard that is compatible with the unit so it will be easier for me to type out websites, search terms, etc.


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: A wireless keyboard compatible with Sony BDV-N890W‏ Blu-ray system?

Hi Cocosilk,


All of our Keyboards are specifically made to work with Windows OS and Mac OS. We currently do not manufacture any keyboards that are compatible with any other devices.


However, what you can do is fill out a product survey at and include as much detail about this as possible in the comment section and then that will be forward to the appropriate department. That can assist our development team with future products

Kind regards,

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