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after upgrade windows 8 to 8.1 all my logitech bluetooth devices (keyboard, mouse, mediapad) do not work. The bluetooth connection wizard is disapeard. New installation of setpoint 6.61 without succes. Are the logitech drivers not yet ready for windows 8.1 please help

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Re: Bluetooth

Hello regulus,


Since the new Windows 8.1 Operating System hasn't been officially released, our product's are not yet fully supported.  We'll be sure to provide appropriate information once this is done.


I hope this information helps.

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Re: Bluetooth

Vanessa1031 wrote:

Hello regulus,


Since the new Windows 8.1 Operating System hasn't been officially released.....

How long will you keep up with this?


I can now buy the thing if I want to: 


Windows 8.1 64Bit Operating System DVD English International - Aria Technology


Then there is the report on the BBC: 


BBC News - Windows 8.1 gets global release


If it is on the BBC it must be true.


Good grief, even Microsoft admits it:


Windows 8.1 is available now


Logitech is going to look very silly if its support people keep saying that "8.1 Operating System hasn't been officially released".





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Re: Bluetooth

Hello, I've something similar.

Just upgraded to win 8.1 and my EDR 2.0 logitech bluetooth reciever seems to work with my K810 keyboard but if i open device manager I see loop refreshing like if blutooth wants to connect something and every time I hear the connection windows sound. Very noisy!

Tried reinstalling drivers and programs but still there.

Hope is a soft issue...