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Cordless Wave Pro...USB not recognized.

Hello...I recently purchased several Cordless Wave keyboard and mouse sets. Installed them, all worked well...except on my laptop. It is a new (3 months old) HP Pavilion dv7. I had just wiped and reinstalled the OS before I bought the set. I am running Vista 64 and it is up to date.


I do not have problems with any other USB USB drives work...and I have an old HP wireless kayboard and mouse which work just fine. Under device manager, all of my USB ports and bus devices say they are working properly. But, when I plug in any of the logitech usb mini receivers, my OS pops up a warning saying that the USB device is not recognized and may have malfunctioned, and the kayboard and mouse will not work. I have tried all of the mini receivers that I got from each of the sets (even the ones that were installed and working on other systems) and they give me the same error. I understand that this is related to my PC, but it is only affecting the logitech receiver. I got an old MS keyboard and mouse set out and it worked just fine on my machine as it seems like an issue between the laptop/os and logitech USB device specifically.


Anyone know how to resolve this issue?