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G15 got wet

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So our toddler spilled my pop in my beloved G15 keybo*ard. I got it dried up *and cle*aned immedi*atly but *as you c*an see, when i type the *A key it *adds *an *asterix to it. It *also *affects in g*ame functions such *as the the st*and*ard w,*a,s,d movement keys.(just the *a key. W,s,D work *as intended)
Steps i h*ave t*aken so f*ar: Popped the keys off *and dried with p*aper towel. cle*aned with q-tips *and rubbing *alcohol. Used compressed *air to completely dry the keybo*ard. Uninst*alled / reinst*alled *all softw*are *associ*ated with the keybo*ard.
*Any *advice on how to fix this would be gre*atly *appreci*ated, purch*asing *a new one is not fe*as*able for me *as they're currently priced out of my budget.
th*anks in *adv*ance.

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Re: G15 got wet

oh dear thats a pickle and a half D:

i guess what your doing already is your best shot, removing keys and then drying them. when this happened to something of mine, i hung it upside down in the warm airing room (with the boiler so nice and warm) for about 2 days and it worked fine.
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Re: G15 got wet

You can contact us to see if you qualify for a discount on a new keyboard. We have a discount program in place, you should qualify, where you can purchase a keyboard for half our retail website price, plus shipping/handling, and applicable state sales tax. You would only have a 30 day warranty, versus the normal warranty, but the keyboard would be brand new.
Soda, especially sugared versions, can affect a keyboard, because the ingredients in the soda can create a film. The sugar is also a sticky ingredient that really gives keyboards and other electrical devices a lot of problems. Even those keyboards that should work after having something spilled might not work after a sugared substance has been spilled. We test with a limited amount of liquid, and usually with water and such.