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Gaming keyboards for large hands

Does Logitech make a keyboard that would work for someone with large hands?  My husband and son are both over 6' tall and their hands are proportional.  They have troulbe using keyboards because they are designed for smaller hands.  My son's hand is wider than half the keyboard, so it makes using it properly very difficult.  Everything I search for has larger letters on they keys, but not larger keys themselves.  Same problem with mice, they disappear in his hand half the time.

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Re: Gaming keyboards for large hands

Hi Tiewaz,


Most keyboards have relative standards in terms of key size. Although keyboard designs and forms varies from one model to another, the key-size almost remains the same. So if a keyboard user has big hands, its preferable to have a keyboard model with a design that has a broader space in between keys. As an exception, I will also recommend an Illuminated Keyboard since I know someone with really big hands who's comfortably using it. In the end, it would depend on the user's decision and preference even if the keyboard's size is big or not.


Logitech Standard Keyboards

Logitech Gaming Keyboards


If you would like to compare sizes, click on the picture of the chosen keyboard, and go to "Support". Look for a Support FAQ which provides the product's "Technical Specification" (for example: Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 Technical Specification). I will show the exact dimension of the keyboard.


I hope this information helps. Smiley Wink




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