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How to Buy a Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard

Hi everyone.  There is a product listed at which I wish to buy, however I do not see an "add to cart" or "buy" button.  I see "Logitech for Business" at the top so maybe I accidentally wandered on to the business side of the site.  HOWEVER, is there an ordinary consumer page for the Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard, and if so would you please provide me a direct link to it?  Please don't just tell me to go to the main site and search, I've tried that, it led me to the business site(without the buy button).


If anyone suggests an alternative product, it has to be ultraflat and it has to have a wire.  I don't want to have to replace batteries.



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Re: How to Buy a Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard

Hi cpusorcerer,


I recommend you to try to contact our Sales Team. They can help you to place an order that way you can enjoy soon our Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard.


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Re: How to Buy a Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard

I think this is the only one that Logitech has on the website that's still wired (and not a gaming keyboard, which is far from being "ultraflat")