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Interference between multiple wireless keyboards and mice in use in the same home

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I have three computers in my home, all with wireless mice, two of them use wireless keyboards.  The first is a Gateway laptop running 64 bit Windows Vista and which is using an LX6 wireless mouse, the second is a Gateway desktop Running Windows XP and using the Wave wireless keyboard and mouse set, and the third is a new iMac all in one running Windows Vista in Bootcamp and Mac OS X on the Mac side.  This last one is also using the Wave wireless keyboard and mouse.  I have installed the correct software from logitech on each machine.  My problem is that when I use the keyboard in the office, the laptop in the kitchen shows the keystrokes.  The laptop is about 25 feet away.  I currently have the desktop Gateway and the iMac in the same room as I am slowly putting data onto the Mac and want them close.  Eventually, I will move the Gateway downstairs, so they will be farther apart.  The interference between the desktop and the Mac is minimal, but my kids were having problems trying to play on the desktop and Mac at the same time.  They said that the mice were competing.  My biggest problem is the laptop keyboard in the kitchen being triggered from the wireless keyboard in the office.  How can I get these to be independent from each other?