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K520 Keyboard

Hi there,


I am looking for a simple yet reliable wireless keyboard, to be used with G700 Mouse with the unifying receptor.


K340 may have been a good choice (maybe a bit small for gaming), but it has a major problem : it does not recognize "W+D+space" combo, which can be use in FPS games.


You can read this topic to learn more about this annoying technical limitation :


I am now considering to buy the K520 keyboard, and I have 2 questions about it :

- This keyboard seems to be sold only with a mouse (MK 520 set), but I don't need a mouse. Does Logitech plan to release the keyboard only ? I should ask this question directly to Logitech, but the serial number is compulsory in the form to fill to contact them, and I don't have any serial number as I don't have the product yet...

- Does this keyboard recognize all 3-keys combo, like the "W+D+space" combo mentioned above ?


Thanks in advance for any reply or clue !