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K750, Windows 8, can't type password into Windows 8 log on screen

Subject says it all.  


I have 4 accounts on my desktop PC, only mine is password protected.  When Windows 8 boots up, and I click on my account to log in to, I cannot type anything into the password box.


To work around this, I have to first click on a DIFFERENT user (again, no password required), log into that account, log OUT of that account, and THEN  the keyboard works...I can THEN type the password into my account.


It seems the keyboard is not recognized by Windows until someone logs in.


Any ideas?



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Re: K750, Windows 8, can't type password into Windows 8 log on screen

Hello wsalopek,


I'm happy to assist you with your Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 on Windows 8 and the log on screen issue.  This keyboard was manufacture before Windows 8 came out so it's not fully supported so this type of issue may occur do to that.


Please let me know it this information is useful.



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Re: K750, Windows 8, can't type password into Windows 8 log on screen



Your information is NOT useful.


99.9% of everything Logitech makes or made "was manufacture before Windows 8 came out".


And, I bought this keyboard just a few months ago...Windows 8 had been released in beta form LONG before I bought my keyboard...certainly you could have written a driver for the keyboard for Windows 8.


So are you saying then that Logitech will not even make an attempt to support 99.9% of all the products it ever made?  Will not update the driver, etc  for ANYTHING Logitech made before Windows 8?  You will just tell people "sorry, you are out of luck.?


If your answer is no, then I will request an updated keyboard driver, etc, be written for the K750.


While you are at it, I also have a Logitech webcam (Quickcam for Notebooks Pro) that no longer functions under Windows 8, please update that driver as well.



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Re: K750, Windows 8, can't type password into Windows 8 log on screen

Logitech seems to have taken a cavalier attitude to the release of Windows 8. If you look at the web pages where they talk about compatibility of devices in Windows 8, you will see that next to nothing is guaranteed to work.


Windows 8 product support and device compatibility - Logitech FAQ




Windows 8 support for Logitech mice and keyboards


The mantra is "Features programmed in SetPoint software may not function in this mode."


So just about anything bought before November 2012 is iffy.


I can't remember the leaving so many devices high and dry since the arrival of Windows XP.


As you said, Windows 8 has been testing for many many months. Is it that hard to write software to keep these devices on the road?






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