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Key problem on Y-BL49A Keyboard - help sought

When I type on this keyboard (ULTRA X Premium Y-BL49A) I very often find that the letter 'f' is missing from what I have typed.

I discover that the 'f' key feels just a little harder to press than all other keys.

It wasn't always like this.  Nothing (to my knowledge) was spilled on the keyboard!!

My question: can I prise up the keytop with a screwdriver and will it pop off to allow inspection?

Or will it just break off and ruin the keyboard?


Any suggestions appreciated.



Logi Nu
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Re: Key problem on Y-BL49A Keyboard - help sought

I haven't tried it myself - but i would like to hear the result. Did you try it allready?


My common sense tells me, that it's constructed the same way as an laptop-keyboard - which means, that you can lift the keys with a small screwdriver. But be carefull. The tiny bits that hold the keys are just ½ millimeter thick. 


Regards Rune