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Keyboard keys sticking

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Have a logitech keyboard/mouse wireless combination I have owned for a couple of years. Keyboard part number 867513-0100, Can't remember the model number. Love the setup. Over the years I noticed a couple of keys sticking. Removed all the keys and cleaned all the years of crud out. Cleaned each key with a bruch and brushed out the board. I'm still getting some keys sticking. Do you recomend a dry lubricant that can help with this situation? Or is it time for a new keyboard/mouse combination. I'd rather keep this setup. I really like it.


Thank you


PS I did use a degreaser on each key. And brushed the base completely clean. Used a little degreaser on the brush, not sprayed on teh base. Everything works fine on the setup except the physical sticking of the keys.

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Re: Keyboard keys sticking

Hello dmorrison:


Thank you for posting your issue to the Logitech Community Forums.


Please contact the Customer Care Centre in your region. There may be something they can do up to, and including, replacement.


Hope this helps!





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Re: Keyboard keys sticking

I don't mean to be a pain but I'm pretty sure that a degreaser is the worst thing you could have used.  This tends to remove all lubrication - even any natural lubrication as can be found in certain plastics.  A light non-petroleum lubricant may have been a better solution - though I would test it first on one key to ensure that it didn;t create any other problems.


I am having the same problem on my MX 5500 keyboard and its driving me nuts.  I'm in touch with tech support (warranty still active) but he keeps trying to get me to do a reboor of the keyboard (take batteries out etc).  It's taking some effort to explain that it's a mechanical issue.  Aaargh!


I hope you got your problem fixed.