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Keyboard searching


I wanted to send this along to someone in sales/tech support, but the only email contact I can find is for Tech Support asking for info from a product I already have.  What I am asking is info for a product BEFORE I buy.


Here's the Q:

Does Logitech have a wireless multimedia, internet & other buttons (sleep, calculator, email, etc.) keyboard in which I would NOT have to hit 2 keys to initiate?  What I mean is this: Alot of the Logitech keyboards have a FN key which needs to be pressed along w/the sleep key (example) for the comfuser to be put to sleep.  That is not what I am looking for, I want a sleep key that I can just press w/o having to do a key-combo press.  I hope this is understandable.

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Re: Keyboard searching

Yes we do.  It is the K320.



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