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LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse Back" button problem and other question

Question 1:

Hello so i have just bought this set (Cordless Desktop Wave) and all buttons seem to work. I have updated all the drivers and installed set point.

The thing is that i use firefox. And when i click the back button when im directly in firefox then it does not do anything. But when i click back when firefox is up but not the main thing (lets say its up on your screen but you click your toolbar and that is your main thing) then thats is when the back button works properly. And then it goes back to fire fox being the main program up.

How do i make it so whenever i click the back button, it will easily go back? I tried restarting my computer, but not sure what to do next.


Question 2:


Okay a small question, okay for those how know, when you click the CAPS button on your keyboard or you use your shortcut keys (That are accessed with your keys on your keyboard) when that is pressed, on the screen comes up what is happeneing like 'CAPS ON' or when i launch messanger 'Messanger'. How do i change how that looks? Or change the color or make it smaller. I would like it to look alot cooler instead of the boring green text coming up.


(First question more important but please answer both, thanks)