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The LX310 Cordless Desktop is my third Logitech keyboard/mouse combo...and definitely my last Logitech product.


In my experience, Logitech keyboards have a pronouced lag between the time you press a key and the time the character appears on the screen; and the mice have a pronounced lag between the time you scroll with the scrollwheel and the time the page actually moves.


And yes: the batteries are fresh, Setpoint is up-to-date, there is no reflection or EMI/RFI and the dersktop set is on a solid wooden surface. Draining the capacitors makes no difference. The only cause for the lag is: It's a Logitech product.


The LX310 I have now is by far the worst of the three Logitech cordless desktops I have owned: I type a few characters at a time, sit back and wait for them to appear on the monitor, then type some more...rediculous.

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Re: Lag...Lag...Lag...

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I bought my keyboard and mouse as a combo, I have a once terrific K350 keyboard and a equally terrific M510 mouse. Lately the keyboard lags, the mouse is sporatic and I am about to go and buy some corded replacements for these fairly new components.  Is there a software upgrade or a fix that I am missing?  I do have a wireless dongle somewhere on my desktop plugged into a USB port but the problem exists even if I unplug that dongle.  Help me ...  I have bee a long time Logitech customer and I would choose not to change if this can be fixed.


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