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Locked our wieless keyboard

Somehow I have locked our wireless keyboard - it stopped working as I was using it last night. I think I might have held down the wrong keys in combination or something. It's not the batteries, or the connection because I have already checked that. Can someone pls help? My hubby needs to work on a document tonight that is only on the desktop. I can't even email it to my laptop 'cause none of the keys work!!

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Re: Locked our wieless keyboard

My first guess would be that your keyboard needs to be re-secured (or unsecured): See Setting up the Secure Mode feature on an a Logitech Keyboard.

Short description:
Your keyboard is still encrypting the normal keys, but the receiver isn't set to decrypt them.

To fix: To turn off secure mode (which works without SetPoint, and before logging-in if needed):

1) Press Ctrl + Alt +F12
2) Press connect button on the receiver
3) Press connect button on the keyboard
4) Press escape key

Or, to use secure mode:
Download and install SetPoint from the downloads page. Then, press Ctrl+Alt+F12 on the keyboard and the Secure window should appear. Follow the steps to re-secure your keyboard. If at that point you want to use unsecure mode instead, close the Secure window without entering the security code in the last step.


If that doesn't fix it, note that you can use the On-Screen Keyboard to get the document emailed for your husband:

With the mouse, click Start -> All Programs -> Accesories -> Accessibility -> On-Screen Keyboard


You can then use the mouse to type (slowly) to get what you critically need done.


BTW, what exact model of keyboard is having the issue?

-Richard L. Owens, author of the uberOptions mod for SetPoint. Unlock the options of your SetPoint-controlled device! mirror
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Re: Locked our wieless keyboard

I had the same problem all the time when my keyboard stopped working out of nowhere. I found these instructions on how to unlock them, it gives you a walk through step by step instructions to unlock the keyboard and it works. Give it a shot 

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Re: Locked our wieless keyboard

I accidentally locked my S510 Cordless Keyboard, too.  Turns out I accidentally hit the Pause/Break button in the upper right corner of the keyboard. When I hit the button again it worked.