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Logitech K400 and Harmony options

I love my K400 - a lot, like, a LOT a LOT! It replaced a Microsoft Media center keyboard and has BLOWN it away! I have it set up to my PC (Win7 Ult.) which is attached to my Samsung Smart TV.  I have been using it for several months now, best peripherial I have purchased to date!


I recently purchased a Phillip CSS2123/F7 soundbar and while it was a great deal for the sound the remote leaves A LOT to be desired. In researching alternates it was stated that the "Logitech Harmony series of programmable remote controls has direct support for this device".  I would really like to NOT have another remote to keep track of and none of the Harmony series has the full keyboard support I am after.


Is there any way to set up my K400 to control my Soundbar? (e.g. increase/decrease volume/bass/treble, mute, turn surround on/off). Perhaps using this SetPoint configuration software the forums mention?


I am well aware of the PC's abilities to control exported audio - however I would prefer to connect the bar to the TV itself for the other devices we use it with (XBox 360, PS3, Blu-ray etc.) The TV is stated on these forums to work with the keyboard. If this is not an option please take it as a product improvement suggestion\request Smiley Happy


Thank you!


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Re: Logitech K400 and Harmony options

Hello likethesocks,


I understand that you would like for the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 to control your SoundBar through your TV, I'm afraid this is not possible since the K400 is designed to work with computers (laptop/desktop), please check out the following FAQ:


K400 keyboard not working with my TV


I will forward your request to the correct team to take it into consideration.


Best Regards,

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