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MX 3000 Keyboard erratic behavior

i've had this keyboard for years and neve had any problems. until yesterday. sometimes when i hit a key it doesn't register, making typing very tedious as i have to type slowly or nothing will make sense. i've secured it, so i know that isn't the problem as it was doing this before i installed setpoint and though the problem is a little better, it still not workin correctly. my mouse works fine and i've never had this problem before and my set up has not changed at all. please someone help? i am having problems with some of my usb ports not working or shorting out when i unplug something, but i want to make sure that it's not the keyboard before i give up and get a new computer.
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Re: MX 3000 Keyboard erratic behavior

System spec? Also is that keyboard wireless bluetooth RF or wired? and try cleaning it.

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Re: MX 3000 Keyboard erratic behavior

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The bset to to test if it is an issue with the keyboard or computer is to test the keyboard on a different, confirmed to be working computer. If the same issues occur, the keyboard is defective, otherwise, the issue is with the computer/USB ports.